Publishing and Media

St Alphonsus was a prolific writer. He wrote for others; he wrote to be published. His works have been reprinted in countless editions in numerous languages for nearly 300 years.

Alphonsus lived not long after the invention of the printing press. Never one to miss an opportunity, he used the print medium as a means of evangelisation and education for masses of people he would never meet. He used it, too, as a means of encouraging devotion and prayer among people.

Redemptorists around the world have followed in St Alphonsus’ footsteps and many units have given their energy to the publishing apostolate. With our mission of proclaiming the Good News to everybody, Redemptorists have taken a lead in publishing and communicating the Gospel in simple everyday language; producing practical resources for all levels of need.

With the rapid advancement of technology, many units have also developed Redemptorist Media Centres and members have been encouraged to undertake formal studies and professional development in this new field of opportunity. Redemptorists understand the need "to preach the Gospel ever anew." The Good News of Jesus has to be communicated to all; and every possible means to do must be explored and used effectively. With this conviction, Redemptorists are involved in sharing the Good News using modern means of communication like the internet, telecommunication (TV and radio), social media, apps, and video production.

“The communication media help considerably in spreading the Kingdom of God and strengthening it. The Congregation employs these extensively in its pastoral ministry. It makes use of publications, both popular and scientific, the arts and audiovisual presentations.” (Stat 022)