Academic Mission

St Alphonsus knew the importance of learning, study and intellectual development. He encouraged his followers to expand their minds through education and engagement with the world around them.

This is especially true for Redemptorists today given the complexity and the challenges of the age in which we live. “In order that missionary work may develop and be really successful, adequate knowledge and practical familiarity with conditions in the world are essential as well as co-operation within the Church. For this reason the members of the Congregation confidently engage in missionary dialogue with the world.” (Con 19a)

While all Redemptorists are called to a studious life, there are confreres whose main mission is study and teaching on behalf of the Gospel. Redemptorists across the world can be found in a great variety of academic endeavours, each in his own way sharing the Good News with people and awakening in their hearts and minds the abiding reality of God’s unconditional love.

Of special importance to the academic mission of Redemptorists is Moral Theology. This is a gift from St Alphonsus himself, whose significant work Theologia Moralis was born of his pastoral experience, his ability to respond to the practical questions posed by the faithful and from his contact with their everyday problems.

Redemptorists have built upon and developed the rich legacy of St Alphonsus’ moral theology and through their academic mission have continued to put theological reflection at the service of the greatness and dignity of the human person, of a moral conscience, and of evangelical mercy.